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Brian Barkwell, MSPT

WORK IT OUT PHYSICAL THERAPY provides one-on-one injury rehabilitation, setting it apart from the factory feel of traditional physical therapy models. In addition to hands-on treatment and exercise instruction, our licensed physical therapists incorporate a “treat the whole person” philosophy which considers the impact of everyday activities on overall wellness.


During your first visit, we will discuss what led to your pain/injury, evaluate your strength and flexibility, diagnose the cause of your pain, and devise a treatment plan.  Your course of treatment will focus on injury-specific massage and mobilization techniques to help relieve pain and restore musculoskeletal balance.


Most importantly, a personalized home/gym exercise program is created for every one of our clients; this evolves over the course of your treatment to meet your specific goals, whether it be walking two miles a day, practicing the piano, or playing soccer.  Changes to your regimen are e-mailed regularly.  


These extra commitments to patient care along with our physical therapists' experience exceed the expectations of excellence in professional practice of the American Physical Therapy Association.

ZOOM visits are available upon request.

Boston private physical therapist provides massage and stretching
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